Dancer/Lead Artist - Kirsten Newell
Storytellers - Billy Mack, Alison Newell, Iain Louden.

Musicians - Mischa Macpherson (vocals), Ankna Arokiam (Indian vocals), Hardeep Deerhe (Tabla), Alistair Paterson (harmonium), Charlie Stewart (fiddle), Cameron Newell (fiddle)

Writer - John Phillip Newell

Musical Director - Mischa Macpherson

Artistic Direction and Choreography - Shane Shambhu

Producer - Nick Fearne 

Sound Design & Engineer - Sam Welch

Lighting Technician - Lewis MacDonald

Stage Manager - Robyn Gray

Costume - Victoria Young

Dancer's costume - Alison Brown


 Hebridean Treasure: Lost & Found - Finding the lost soul of Scotland and humanity

 by Siddharthiya Pillay

"charming and thought-provoking hour-long performance"

"The singers and instrumentalists offered Gaelic and Indian-inspired music (...) particularly beautiful were the moments when the two singers sang together, each in their own language, combining in an effective fusion that was neither entirely Indian nor Gaelic"

"renewed respect for nature"